Good News, Bad News About Oddly Normal

Dear faithful readers of “Oddly Normal”...

Like the headline says, I’ve got good news and bad news to share. I’ll start with the bad news
and get it out of the way, since there’s more good news to share and we should end things on
a positive note, doncha’ think?

Yeah, me too.

So here’s the bad news... issue #10, which comes out on September 23rd, will be the last SINGLE ISSUE of “Oddly Normal” to see print.


Whew, that was close. some of you were close to panicking, I could tell.

Okay, so what does that mean? Is “Oddly Normal” finished? Nope, not by a long shot. Here’s
the deal... sales of individual issues of the series have not been as strong as Image Comics or I had hoped. But sales of Book 1 have been strong. So strong that it has already gone into a second
printing. So Image and I have decided to stop putting out individual issues and start putting out
books only. Each book will have the same format as Book 1, consisting of five chapters each.

The series was originally intended to be a collection of long graphic novels. But I decided to pitch
it to comic publishers on a whim and got offers from two. When I decided to go with Image, I was
excited to be in a position to do single issues, but I kept the “chapter” format just in case this
ever happened.

So that’s the why of it all. There won’t be an issue #11 on the comic shop shelf. But Chapter 11 will
be in Book 3, which will come out in May of 2016. You will still be able to buy “Oddly Normal” books in book stores, comic shops and online at Amazon. And for those who can’t wait between book releases, we’ll also be offering digital sales of individual chapters between book releases. we’re still working out the details, but the plan is to offer each chapter digitally on the same schedule that the series has been released over the last year.

For more information about digital and book sales, watch the Image Comics website or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Following me on the social media platforms is also a great way of keeping up on “Oddly Normal” in general and seeing work-in-progress photos from the series as I create it! I hope to see some of you there.

So what is the good news?

Well, “Oddly Normal” was just accepted into the Scholastic Book Fair! For an all-ages graphic
novel series like mine, that’s a huge stepping stone to having kids be able to find it and gives the
series the potential to be read by a bigger audience than it would just as a comic book series.

The other bit of news I wanted to share is that “Oddly Normal” was optioned last year for
development as an animated TV series! There’s not much more I can or should say about that
at this time, but I’m thrilled that someday I may be in the unique position of working on two
different versions of Oddly’s story. We’re developing a very special pitch right now and
hopefully we’ll be showing it to studios soon. It’s very exciting. Anyone who knows me knows
that I’ve always wanted to be involved in film or TV, so to have a chance to work on a series
based on my own comic is thrilling. Hopefully we’ll find a home for the show. I feel like we
started out with a bit of good luck… the option agreement was finalized on my birthday last
year. So *knock wood*!

On the book side of things, I have enough material plotted out for 75-100 chapters so, like I
said... this is not the end of “Oddly Normal.” So as long as the books sell well enough, you
should be reading Oddly’s story for a very long time.

I hope that you do.

Thank you all so very much for reading and I’ll see you around!


P.S.  You can still write me letters sharing your opinions and photos and I’ll keep the letters
page going in the digital issues!