Star Wars Uncut Take 2

In 2012 I contributed a piece of animation to the Star Wars Uncut project. The folks at Uncut had great success with the crowd-sourced re-imagining of "Star Wars" and they decided to continue forward with "The Empire Strikes Back". I was so impressed with some of the animated clips in that first film that I wanted to see if I could create something worthy of entering into the second film. The clips for "The Empire Strikes Back" were just as impressive. You can see all of the finished clips HERE.

I decided to use the opportunity to try my hand at doing some animation. At that point in time I had worked for How It Should Have Ended for a year and thought I could create animation using the techniques that Daniel Baxter uses for HISHE. I decided to use Apple Motion to create my clip because it had a learning curve that was not as steep as Adobe After Effects.

Here is my clip for Star Wars Uncut:

The Empire Strikes Back Uncut is currently in production and I'm hopeful that my clip will be chosen for inclusion!

The clip I chose did not have any dialogue, which made it easier to animate. I did not want to jump into lip-syncing for my first stab at animation. But I planned to create a second clip and wanted use that one as a chance to learn how to animate lip-synced dialogue and I chose a scene featuring Yoda for clip number two. Unfortunately, despite finishing all of the artwork for the  I never had the chance to finish that piece due to other work taking center stage. But I always wanted to go back and finish it someday. And due to recent events that may lead to me needing to know how to animate dialogue heavy shorts in After Effects, I got the chance to finish it this week.

Here is the finished Yoda clip:

I had a ball learning how to create lip-synced dialogue for this very short piece. Hopefully I'll get the chance to use this new skill very soon. Stay tuned!