"Chosin: To The Sea" Preview

I've finally gotten the green light to show some preview pages of a project that I worked on earlier this year. It's a 25-page short story that will be a part of a graphic novel based on the documentary "Chosin", directed by Brian Iglesias. The story I illustrated, "To The Sea", was originally just going to be a supplemental story to the main graphic novel. But Brian has decided to give it a single-issue release also, which was pleasant new for me!  

It was a great honor to work on this project. A friend of mine from my days as a waiter served and lost a leg in the Korean War and one of the reasons I wanted to contribute to "Chosin" was because of him. The Forgotten War should not be forgotten. 

The documentary "Chosin" is available for instant viewing on Neflix, by the way. I highly recommend it. 

Here are a few sample pages from "Chosin: To The Sea" and the cover to the single-issue release. I've also included some process images showing the pages from roughs-to-finals.  I'll have more information about how to obtain copies of the issue and final graphic novel very soon. 

"Chosin: To The Sea" was written by Brian Iglesias. It was illustrated and lettered by me.