A Plea For Tee

Hey, everyone!

As some of you know from my various social network feeds, I've entered the world of custom t-shirts via the popular t-shirt site TeeFury. The folks at TeeFury have been kind enough to let me get things kicked off with a flash sale featuring a set of designs based on my ABCDEFGeek series. ABCDEFGeek has been very popular and successful for me in the book sales area at comic book conventions and it has gotten some great word of mouth online. So I was hopeful that the series would be a good fit for t-shirts (I swear that wasn't intentional, I apologize to all pun-phobics).

The flash sale has not gone as well as I'd hoped over the course of the first day and a half, so I thought I'd reach out with a plea for people to pick up a shirt while the sale lasts (it will end late on Friday night). I'm hopeful that TeeFury will accept more ABCDEFGeek submissions in the future for their regularly featured tee spotlight, which (unlike flash sales) are featured at the top of their main page and sold for $11 as opposed to $17 (cheaper tees means more sales!). If this flash sale does not do well enough, I worry that TeeFury will not accept any more ABCDEFGeek submissions in the future.

I'm so grateful to everyone who has bought copies of Oddly Normal or the book version of ABCDEFGeek at conventions, but if you ever wanted to support me and my work in a small way, I would ask this: please buy a t-shirt for yourself or a friend during this flash sale at TeeFury. It would really help me to have a new revenue stream in the form of t-shirt sales. Unlike books or comics, which are enjoyed on a personal and private level, t-shirts are seen by anyone around the person wearing them and can immediately generate word-of-mouth. That's invaluable to the business I've chosen. This flash sale could be a pebble that rolls downhill and starts something bigger for me, and I can't tell you how much I need that right now.

My true passion is telling stories and I'm so thrilled to have my own series at Image Comics and have Oddly Normal sold in comic shops and bookstores. But the hard reality of the comic business is that it can be a tough road to walk when it comes to numbers and income, especially at the beginning of a series. If you had any doubt about that, see this recent article on the economics of comics.

So, there it is... I'm laying it all out and asking for your help to kick-start a new business venture by picking up an ABCDEFGeek t-shirt from TeeFury before the sale ends tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading. See ya' around!